Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My name is Danielle, and I've decided to blog about breast asymmetry because I feel there is not enough information available to women who struggle with the challenges this condition presents.  I'm currently 26 years old, and have undergone four unilateral breast augmentations, all of which were had by the age of 18.  I'm very blessed to have a family that has supported me through all of the struggles this condition has caused.  I had to learn how to shop for bras and clothing, learn how to cope with being teased, learn how to manage post-operative nerve pain, and learn to keep my sanity with nothing more than my family and some creative ideas.  In a future post I'll tell you my asymmetry story.  My goal is to get women talking about a subject that is very secretive, and to help women of all ages cope with a condition that affects their physical being.

Breasts are viewed as the epitome of womanhood, and when a woman's breasts are asymmetric, she may view herself as less of a woman or deformed.  This is not the case!  Just because one headlight doesn't shine as brightly as the other on a Rolls Royce does NOT make the car any less beautiful, valuable, or appealing.  Changing your mindset can change your life; I do, however, realize this is MUCH easier said than done.  So, that's why I want women to come here with questions, concerns, tips, ideas, and advice.  It's time to stop pretending like this subject doesn't exist.  It's time women had a place where they can talk to other women who also struggle with breast asymmetry, and not just rely on information from surgeons who are strongly biased toward operations, for obvious reasons.  Please help me make this blog a place where women can be comfortable in their own skin, realize their beauty, and learn to cope with breast asymmetry.

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