Monday, November 14, 2011

Bras For Beautiful Boobies!

Let's talk about the BRA!  For women with breast asymmetry, bra shopping can be the most awful experience in the world.  IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!  

If your breasts are uneven by a little, or by a lot, there's always a way to make the difference less noticeable.  For me, shopping at Victoria's Secret has been a HUGE blessing, however their prices are pretty high.  Target's line of bras called Gilligan and O'Malley are almost the SAME bras found at Victoria's Secret.  I prefer Victoria's Secret or Gilligant and O'Malley only because they heavily pad some of their bras, have a wide selection of bras, and make good, long-lasting bras.  I'm a 36D, so finding a bra can be a challenge when you're asymmetric, but here are some tips that have helped change my life!

I'm not against stuffing a bra by any means, but I was never comfortable doing it for myself.  I knew it would be my luck that my padding would somehow find a way to slide to my back or something and draw more attention to my already obvious problems. LOL There are pads/stuffings available at retailers that can be used to enhance the size of the smaller breasts, thus making it more even with the larger breast.  When using these, it wouldn't hurt to use some double-sided tape to hold the padding down in the bra, and maybe also holding the padding to the skin, just so that the padding doesn't move and make the wearer uncomfortable.  The goal of padding a bra is to make YOU more comfortable in your skin.  Take into consideration the shape of your other breast in the bra when you're applying padding/stuffing.  You may need to pad the front of the cup, but also the side of the cup to make your contours and curves match.  You want to create a breast that is as full as your other breast.  Do not be bashful about spending an hour or two in your mirror with padding, bras, tape, and t-shirts.  You have to be comfortable with how you're doing it, and make sure it looks even once you've put your clothing on.  

Another thing that you'll want to take into consideration, regardless of the degree of asymmetry you're dealing with, is the strap adjusters on the bras.  Your strap adjusters do not have to be even!  You have the liberty to adjust one bra strap much tighter than the other!  I do this daily!  I keep my natural and larger breast lifted higher to match my implanted breast by tightening the strap more.  

Also consider the way the bra is shaped in the middle.  Now, for people with larger degrees of asymmetry, this can be a HUGE issue.  I ALWAYS get a padded bra with an underwire.  The piece of fabric between the two underwires plays a crucial role in how my breasts may look throughout the day.  If it's just one very small piece of fabric, the bra will actually be allowed to tilt at an angle, thus allowing one cup to lean forward more.  (Picture it by holding your hands straight up and allowing just one of your wrists to go a little bit limp so it falls about 30 degrees.)  Purchasing a bra with more support between the breasts/underwires will help eliminate that leaning and make the breasts look more even.  (Bra shown below is a Gilligan and O'malley Balconnette bra that I absolutely love.  This bra provides so much support, and I don't get one boob leaning a lot more than the other.)

I am an avid believer that every bra should be padded!  I will not buy a bra that is not a well-padded push-up bra.  The padding holding the breasts up can create the illusion of symmetric breasts.  Coupled with most of the aforementioned tips, a push-up bra has helped hide my asymmetry for many, many years.  I'm all about showing a little cleavage from time-to-time as well, so having breasts that appear symmetric from a frontal view can make a woman feel confident and beautiful!  For me, a demi-cup (one that doesn't fully cover each breast to the maximum) has always been the most comfortable, because it does allow for a little cleavage if I want it, and also gives me more room to work with and isn't so constricting.  

If there is ANYTHING else you'd like to know about bras, don't hesitate to post a question!  Bra shopping doesn't have to be horrible!  I'll do whatever I can do help make your experience a more enjoyable one!  

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